Deadtime Defenders is a hectic, side-scrolling looter shooter where you battle your way through monster-filled alternate dimensions all while collecting lots of randomly rolled glorious loot. Featuring tons of weapons, costumes, weapon mods, and weapon skins to collect. Players will earn experience, unlock perks, and complete missions in their pursuit to unlocking the end-game where they will complete Void Runs looking for Legendary items!


Lock and load! It's time to blast your way through other dimensions in this side-scrolling looter shooter!

It all started with a secret military time travel operation that failed and accidentally opened portals to other dimensions. Before deadly invaders could sink their claws into our reality we pushed back! Now we're using the portal, bringing the fight to them, and it is up to YOU to take them down!

Hop in for the universe-defending fight of your life as you face off against ghosts, aliens, demons and all things monstrous on your way to the dreaded Void, the dimension to end all dimensions. Enter the Void, save our reality, grab whatever treasure you can bring back home with you, and the next time Earth needs you... get ready to do it all again. All in a day's work for a soldier like you!

So grab your favorite weapon, strap on your freshest gear and dive in to DEADTIME DEFENDERS!




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Ravenous Games is a Canadian indie game studio currently working on Deadtime Defenders for consoles and PC. Ravenous Games got their start back in 2009 working on mobile games for the App Store and released over 20 games since then. Their most acclaimed titles were the award-winning League of Evil, Devious Dungeon, and Random Heroes. Building these smaller games gave them a lot of experience and knowledge required to transition towards offering more complex games for console and PC.


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